Showing The Light On New Windows
With the thick of winter here, you may be experiencing leaking or drafty windows. Maybe it's time to replace those old single-pane windows. Or maybe the winter blahs have taken hold and you're ready for a new look. Replacing your windows can help you save on your energy bill, provide a stylish new look to your home, and can be a strong lure when it comes time to sell.

Treat Yourself To Hardwood Floors!

Shock your neighbors with new wood floors this year. Whether you like durable or dressy there are many types to choose from. Learn all about the most popular kinds of wood flooring used today


Around The House Tip of The Month
"Let Your Candles Burn Longer

Here’s a great holiday tip – make your candles burn longer! It’s very easy; just place the candles you want to burn in the refrigerator a few hours before use. They will burn longer and more evenly.
All year round tip - to remove old wax from containers, place container in the freezer for a few hours, remove container (do not do this with delicate containers), turn upside down and gently tap out the old wax. 
Bring Your Walls To Life
You don't need an interior decorator to achieve a custom design look in your home. Specialty painting techniques may be just the touch your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom needs to pull the room together. And, it's not just your walls-your cabinets or other decorative molding can also benefit from a unique glaze or wash.

Quick Tips On Replacing Your Dishwasher.
If you already have the new dishwasher in the house, you can look at it and its installation manual to see what you can and should reuse. On the other hand, if the new one is arriving tomorrow and you cut a deal to have the delivery people haul the old one off, you need to decide which parts you should keep overnight. Here's a short list of the things I've found useful. You can always throw them away later.


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