Quick Tips On Replacing Your Dishwasher

If you already have the new dishwasher in the house, you can look at it and its installation manual to see what you can and should reuse. On the other hand, if the new one is arriving tomorrow and you cut a deal to have the delivery people haul the old one off, you need to decide which parts you should keep overnight. Here's a short list of the things I've found useful. You can always throw them away later.

The drain hose and its clamps. The new dishwasher may arrive with these. One I installed recently had the hose already attached to the machine, but I've done others, which did not come with anything to use to connect the drain.

The ground screw and the connector that secured the electrical cable to the dishwasher's junction box. Appliance manufacturers very seldom provide these. There are too many variations for them to try to match, and a professional installer will usually have them "on the truck" if not in hand.

The brass fitting that the water line attaches to. More and more, it seems, the manufacturers are standardizing their side of this connection. And you already know the other side matches your supply line. So hang on to it for now. If you forget to keep it, the piece you are most likely to be trying to buy at 9:00 PM is called a "Compression X Female Elbow Adapter." To get the right one, you will need to know the trade diameter of your supply tubing for the compression side and the IPT (Iron Pipe Thread) diameter of the male fitting on the new dishwasher for the threaded side. Hang onto the old one. If only one side works with the new installation, you can at least show the old one to the clerk as a starting point.

Any shims or blocks that were used to help support the old machine. If the floor was not even enough for the built-in adjusters to level that machine, it may mot be even enough to allow you to completely level your new dishwasher without some added support, either.

You may still need to make a trip to the store before you can install your new dishwasher, but it should be a quicker and less-expensive trip.



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