Ladder Safety Can Prevent Serious Injury
You may not think of cleaning out the gutters or hanging holiday decorations as high-risk tasks, but the fact is that any job around the house that involves climbing a ladder has the potential for injury.


Shadings: New Window Treatment Has Advantages

Drapes, curtains, and window shades have been around for a long time. Now there's something new and attractive in the field of window treatments: shadings.

They aren't curtains or shades but a combination of the two. Shadings are sheer fabric vanes encased in translucent fabric panels. The vanes rotate to give you various degrees of light control and privacy without shutting out the light.

Another advantage of shadings comes in the form of energy efficiency. They save heating and cooling costs because they fit snugly against the window. The multilayered, honeycomb shades have the highest R-value of any window covering.

One more attractive feature is their efficiency in noise control. The honeycombs reduce noise coming from the outside, whether from noisy neighbors or traffic.

Play It Safe With Windows & Doors

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a repair a week, the homeowner should seek. Taking good care of your home is important, just as is taking care of your own health. Evaluate your home and ask yourself if it meets your expectations in terms of functionality and energy efficiency. All elements of your home should work together and function properly for best performance.   


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