Surviving Remodeling
As homeowners prepare for remodeling, they often plan for everything except the experience itself. Budget planning, material selection, contractor negotiations are all very important, but just as important are plans for living through the event.

Remodeling projects can last weeks or even months. Take steps before the work begins to prepare your family. Start communicating with your contractor from the beginning by setting up a list of rules that will work best for your household. Know the earliest workers will arrive and how late they may stay.


Remodeling Your Basement

Basement remodeling is a great way to improve your home. Do it for yourself, your buyers or your wallet.

If you currently have a basement in your home, you know it can either be an asset or an annoyance. Basement remodeling can’t turn your dark, wet basement into a warm livable space for your family. Add a new family room to your home with basement finishing or create a new bedroom for your older child with an exciting new basement renovation.

Thinking about selling your home? Add value to your home with basement remodeling. Home improvement means improvement to your profit when all is said and done. Giving your basement a facelift will not only entice buyers, but it will make your home’s living space larger and more comfortable.

Considering the value of adding a basement apartment? If your basement is just sitting there, you can turn it into a monthly check by renting it out to tenants! With a modern basement design and the right contractor, your basement apartment will be a comfortable home for a single person or small family.

When you think of home improvement, basement remodeling is a great place to start. Basements can be a great hangout for teenagers and young children alike. Create a home office, game room or a child's play room in the newly acquired space. You’ll appreciate how it will warm up your home and expand your living space. The right basement remodeling will make a huge difference in your house.

Three Great Concepts for Remodeling a Master Bedroom

The French have always led the world in designing sexy bedrooms, and now homemakers all over the world have followed their lead and begun decorating their bedrooms for sex and sensuality.

Use emotionally appealing colors that will enhance your beauty and sensuousness. Be daring; use bold colors. Examples of seductive colors are rouge or lipstick reds, creamy peaches, and subtle pink tones.

Prints such as animals or florals can suggest exotic locales, and mirrors placed in unusual places can reflect seductive candlelight. Tropic plants add mystery, and dressing tables filled with feminine accessories and intimate objects create a romantic mood. 


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