What You Should Know About Steam Showers
When people begin to think of remodeling their home, often times, they'll start with the bathroom. Why would they start with the bathroom, when there are so many other areas of the house to decorate and spruce up? The answer may be as simple as the fact that everyone has that idea of their dream bathroom.


Dusting Out Of Reach Places

Dusting fixtures like ceiling fans, canned lighting, and other objects can be quite a chore. To dust these hard-to-reach places, use a paint roller on an extension handle. Simply wrap a dryer sheet around the roller and secure the sheet with rubber bands. Now you’ve got yourself a handy duster that will make the job ten times easier!
Top 5 Bang For Your Buck Home Improvement Projects

In talking about recouping home improvement costs there is one room that should be held above all others: Kitchen. The kitchen is the single best place to remodel in order to raise the value of your home. Want proof? A study done by remodel magazine states that for small kitchen renovations, the return is close to 92.9 percent of what you put in. Another remodeling must is bathrooms. Bathroom remodels on average return 90.1 percent of their cost.    


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