Overlooked Basement Remodeling Ideas 

Summer is when most everyone needs a cool room to escape the sun, and a basement is a great retreat. The garage is also perfect to duck the heat, but both of these areas need the right touch. They need insulated windows for natural light without all the heat, and a fresh coat of paint on the drywall. Flooring and walls are important components for both style and noise reduction.

Basement Remodeling
Most basements are dark areas where we store seasonal decorations, old toys, and anything else not used on a regular basis. This is the perfect remodeling project to begin reclaiming your space. First, think about how the basement environment naturally lends itself. You can save money if you think creatively and turn the negative aspects of the space into positives. For example, a lack of light would be a drawback in many rooms. However, it's quite useful if you convert the space into a home theater or dark room.

Here are some other basement remodeling ideas:

Play Areas, Teen Hangouts, & Music Studios
A basement's isolation creates a sound break for a children's play area, a teenager's hangout, or a music studio. Soundproofing a basement is a smart investment no matter what you choose to do with the room, but especially if it becomes a teen hangout or music studio. Soundproofing will keep the noise to a minimum so that people upstairs can enjoy their own space just like those downstairs.

Exercise Rooms & Recreation Rooms
The large space of a basement lends itself to an exercise room with lots of equipment or a recreation room large enough for a pool table and other games. For an exercise room, it is a good idea to have carpet laid because it will add a little cushion for anyone doing sit-ups, running in place, or other jarring activities. However, it might work best to have the rec room left with a concrete floor. Many recreational activities lead to spills of food or drink, pool table chalk, and other items. By keeping the floor concrete you allow easy cleanup for spills.

Home Wine Cellars
The cool environment of a basement easily lends itself to a wine cellar. This is a particularly smart remodel when your basement is not very big. However, if you have a large basement but don't plan on a massive wine collection, it is just as easy to build a small room in one corner that can be your wine cellar. Talk with your basement remodeler about how to get exactly what you want out of this space.

Basement Moisture
The most important thing to remember before you begin any basement remodel, however, is to solve any moisture problems you might encounter in the future. Even if your basement rarely has dampness or flooding, it's best to solve the problem completely before beginning any remodeling work..

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