Keep Safety In Mind When It Comes To Windows
Open a window and you open your world. Windows add so much to our lives; they bring in welcome light and fresh air and they help protect us from the elements. As the weather warms and windows are opened more often, follow these important tips to enhance home safety.

7 Keys To Make Your Home's Exterior Shine

A spring breeze wafting through a freshly-cleaned home is one of the best feelings in the world. And as you relax in your sparkling clean interior, don't forget that the outside of your home also needs attention.
"Nothing welcomes people to your home like a well-tended exterior," says home care expert Gerry Luepke. "The patio furniture and yard accessories extend your first greeting. With a little planning and the right products, outdoor spring-cleaning will go smoothly and you'll be proud of your results."
Around The House Tip of The Month
""Keep It On File"

At your local home improvement store set up a file for yourself. Record your entire color palette and all paint formulas you choose. This is a very useful tip, five years from now when you go to repaint and don't have a clue what paint you used on your window trims. You can include wallpaper, vinyl baseboard, carpet, and any other materials you purchase for your home. 

Is Your Bathtub Clogged? Quick Tip

Unplugging bathtub drains can be troublesome, so preventive measures are advisable. Keep a bathtub from clogging by cleaning the stopper assembly every few weeks. On most tubs, remove the screws from the overflow plate and pull out the assemble.

How To Make Any Room Spacious In Your Home

Space is an essential element of design that will help make your home warm and cozy. It will also add enjoyment to the time you spend in each particular room. Here are a few tricks of the trade you can use to make even the smallest room look more spacious.

  • Place larger pieces of furniture near your walls so they don’t interfere with open space.
  • Use mostly small-scale furniture. Instead of a full sofa, consider using a love seat. Instead of an ottoman and chair, use a small recliner.
  • Arrange the furniture so anyone can walk freely about the room.
  • Use mirrors. Mirrors will expand your room by creating the illusion of depth.
  • Pick light, cool colors for the walls. Light color will open the space.
  • Light the perimeter of your room. This will do wonders at night to expand the room and create ambiance. You can even place lights under cabinets and furniture to give them a floating effect.

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