Breaking The Bathroom Bottleneck!
When there are two of you trying to get ready for work, the early morning bathroom
bottleneck can rival the rush hour commuter traffic. The impatient knocking on the door
is reminiscent of honking car horns. The steam from the shower is a precursor of the
exhaust fumes you’ll encounter later. Tempers can grow short. Is this any way to start the

Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

Don’t you just hate it when ants show up at the dinner table as uninvited guests? How about when flies decide to use your hamburgers as runways and your baked beans as breeding grounds…it really bugs me out!

Bent Nail Tip of The Month
"Freezer Fact"

NEVER run a frost-free freezer where the air temperature inside your home goes below 60 F. The compressor will not run long enough to keep the food from thawing and spoiling. You especially do not want your meats thawing and then re-freezing. The consequences of that are better left unmentioned!

Clean Gutter Tips!

Clean gutters: Anyone who's cleaned out a gutter knows it's a messy job with an even messier time cleaning up the debris on the ground after it's been cleaned out of the gutters. But it's a seasonal task that is necessary for your utters to be able to drain moisture away from your roof and foundations during the winter months.

How To Easily Patch A Window Screen

What to do when your window screens look like they’ve been through a gunfight?

Do your window screens look like they’ve been through a gunfight, and you haven’t got money or time to replace them? Well, don’t despair. To repair holes in aluminum screens, cut a patch slightly larger than the hole. Pull off one strand of wire on each side and bend remaining edge wires downward.

Place the patch over the hole with bent-wire ends sticking through, and crimp them over on the backside to hold it. For fiberglass screens, cut a slightly larger patch and place it over the hole, matching the pattern. Add a thin bead of epoxy cement or super glue, even clear caulk will do, and dab off any excess before it dries. You can glue aluminum screening, too. It’s a process of trial and error.

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