Up On The Roof
Summer’s here and the living is easy. Or at least it would be if you hadn’t put off that list of spring home repairs. Some you’ll take care of yourself. The plugged utility drain is disgusting, but doable and the leaky faucet just takes a trip to the hardware store and some elbow grease. But if a leaky or worn roof is on the list, it’s best to get help from a reputable roofing contractor. Professional roofers are trained to safely and efficiently inspect, repair and replace roofing systems.


Create Your Own Self-Watering System For Household Plants

Plan on being out of the house for a few days? If so, you won’t need to call a friend or neighbor to water your indoor plants because we’re going to show you how to set up your own self-watering system! All you need is water and a wick…

First, fill a container with water. Then cut a piece of nylon clothesline long enough to connect your container of water to your plant.

Before you leave, soak the wick for thirty minutes. Next, water your plant thoroughly and let it drain. Put one end of the wet rope into the container. Take the other end and push it about a third of the way into the plant’s soil.

Now raise the water container onto an inverted pot or another platform. The container must be higher than the pot so gravity can do its job and supply your plant with water.

For larger plants, you can use more than one wick. Just be sure to space them evenly throughout the pot.
Stylish Trends and Ideas to Spruce up Your Kitchen and Bath

Adding some style to a kitchen or bath can be as effortless as swapping the cabinet knobs or as complex as gutting the whole room and starting from scratch.

Millions of Americans are starting renovation projects, and while there is no shortage of ways to dress up a bathroom or kitchen, sometimes even the best interior designers could use a few tips. This summer, try some of these simple suggestions from real do-it-yourselfers, and jazz up your kitchen and bath in no time.


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