New Lighting Provides a Quick and Easy Home Makeover

(ARA) – When was the last time you installed lighting to create ambiance in your home? It is frequently considered a functional necessity, but lighting often remains an overlooked element in setting the mood for every room in your house.

You can layer lighting the same way you layer fabrics and texture in home decorating – use it to add interest and emphasis to certain areas while creating a harmonious feeling. Consider different types of lighting for each room -- living room floor lamps for reading, two-level chandeliers for a dramatic entryway, or track lighting for highlighting décor.

Track lighting provides a versatile light source. It allows you to slide and position light fixtures along the tracks to direct light where you need it most. Some tracks are flexible, which means you can create fluid curves and interesting shapes. The lighting fixtures that attach to the tracks come in a wide variety of styles and colors to help create the mood you seek.

An innovative system from Westinghouse Lighting makes track lighting affordable and easy to install. With their LitesNow track lighting kit and a pair of scissors, you can transform your home’s lighting in about 15 minutes for around $40 to $80. Use a LitesNow kit to highlight a special piece of art in the living room. Add subtly to the ambient light in the bedroom. You can even wrap the LitesNow track lighting system around a pole or beam to add light and dimension to overlooked spaces. The line also features a pendant kit which can be placed over your kitchen island for attractive and practical task lighting.

“With the LitesNow track lighting system, you can quickly install accent lighting anywhere there’s an outlet,” says George Mabin, divisional general manager, lamps and decorative electrical accessories for Westinghouse Lighting Corporation.

The tracks range in length from 4 feet to 15 feet. Simply select the size that best meets your needs and cut the flexible track to the desired length. Using the plug-in LitesNow system, apply the track anywhere on ceilings or walls with the flexible, 3M adhesive-back track and PowerTape. Snap on the lights, plug the system into the nearest outlet and admire how stylish your room looks.

Available in plug-in and hardwire styles, the LitesNow track lighting kits come in four designs including original, accent, pendant, and firefly. Each comes complete with all of the components needed for installation.

You can customize your lighting kit with a wide range of accessories. Choose from colored shades in frost, amber, blue, and red; metal shades and replacement light bulbs.

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