Making the Most of Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Savvy Spokane homeowner understand the value of a dollar, especially when it comes to stretching that dollar to cover a remodeling project. Let's face the fact that it can be a challenge to try to motivate people to get around to that bathroom remodeling project. There are so many things on the home to-do list, sometimes this tends to get put off.

Yet, once you see the completed project, you will wonder why you procrastinated in the first place. Bathroom remodeling is about more than just updating and upgrading, although that is important too. With the right choices, you can end up with a bathroom that will provide a spa-like atmosphere; a place to unwind in at the end of a long day.

The true mark of a good bathroom remodel is that you are able to convert your current bathroom from utilitarian to blissful. However, it is still important to try to keep that project on track to meet the parameters of your budget.

Keeping Your Bathroom Remodel Budget-Friendly

You can still have the bathroom of your dreams, without completely draining your savings account in the process. Here are some tips for keeping your bathroom remodeling task more cost-effective.

Try not to move the plumbing. One factor that causes a remodeling project to get pricey is if you find yourself in need of relocating the plumbing. If you can put your replacement water-based fixtures in the same location, you can save a great deal of money.

Have a plan, including a budget, in place before you start remodeling. Too many homeowners try to devise a plan and a budget, after things are already in motion. Failing to plan ahead will always end up costing you more money than you had originally planned. In fact, by the time you come up with a budget you are likely to find that you have already exceeded it.

Work with an industry pro who is good with offering more affordable alternatives to expensive materials. For instance, flooring is a good place to implement this plan. Why use the real deal for flooring materials like marble when you can save so much opting for laminate that looks like marble?

A great way to bypass the need for building a storage closet is to include open shelves. Not only does this save you money, it still provides you with much needed storage. Plus, bathrooms tend to feel smaller and more closed in and using open shelves can counterbalance that.

Do not skimp on lighting. Too many homeowners make the erroneous decision to cut corners with the budget by leaving out lighting. You cannot rely on natural light alone. Homeowners always regret not having enough light, but never feel they added too many lighting options. There is nothing wrong with having the option to dim to soft light for creating a relaxing atmosphere to soak in the tub by. However, that same soft lighting will not be enough for shaving and applying makeup.

Get the Best Remodeling Contractor

Working with the finest local remodeling contractor means partnering with Norman Construction. The reason that this is so crucial is that we will help work within your budget needs, but still provide you with the results that you had hoped for. Plus, this will result in work you are beyond satisfied with and will not have to pay to have altered or repaired.

One surefire way to blow your bathroom remodeling budget is to not get quality work in the first place. Renovating your home is a way to reinvest back into your biggest investment. In other words, this should increase the property value of your home, once completed.

Fail to get quality work and this will not be the case. Let us work with you and help ensure that you get the final results that you wanted. Let's put the fun back in functional and give you the bathroom of your dreams.

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