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Indian Trail Sewing Room

$25,000 - 30,000

Our customer made the most of her unfinished basement, but longed for her dream sewing room. We started with cutting concrete to allow for a new 4'x4' window for egress and much needed natural light. Framing was completed to enclose the mechanical room, an unfinished storage room, and the outside wall was framed for electrical and R-21 insulation. Because of the extensive work required to relocate the hot water baseboard heater, it was left undisturbed and the wall was built around it. A new service panel was put in to replace the old one and it's rats nest of wires. Lots and lots of outlets! Allowing the homeowner to place machines and set the layout to her liking. Sheetrock was hung, walls were painted, and 36" wide birch doors were used for ease of movement. The storage room received 24 linear feet of white melamine shelving. Fluorescent lights were hung and an engineered wood floor was laid and trimmed out to finish the room.

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