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Bathroom Remodeling in Spokane

Nine Mile Falls Bathroom Granite Counter

Bathrooms serve a utilitarian function in our everyday lives. This is the first and last room we use in our daily routine. Along with being the most used, often times it becomes the most abused. The mixture of small spaces and constant moisture can wreak havoc over the years.

Designing a new bathroom can incorporate new styles and textures that not only serve a practical purpose, but also add to the comfort and spa-like appeal you have been longing for in your master bathroom. Heated floors, spacious walk-in showers, and functional lighting can improve your day-to-day use of the space. Color also plays a huge role in how we perceive the room and the mood it sets for us.

We take a personal approach to helping you incorporate your style and sense of comfort into a bathroom. It is important to us that your bathroom meets your needs and will be a lasting addition in your home. Since 1974 we have enjoyed helping Spokane homeowners achieve their dream bathrooms.

Our Recent Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Liberty Lake Tub Swap

$14,000 - $18,000 A sunken whirlpool tub might sound luxurious on paper, but the practicality doesn't add up. In order to clean the tub, you either have to be in it or just about stand on your head to reach down inside. When you also consider the […]

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Valley Bath & Laundry Combo

$18,000 - 23,000 The functionality of the room worked great, but the colors and styling were in need of an update. The old steel tub and tile surround were removed and replaced with a cast iron tub topped with an elegant 12”x24” watercolor porcelain field tile and […]

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South Hill Master Suite

$55,000 - 65,000 This South Hill house had the basic amenities for a bathroom, but not quite the necessary features for a spa-like master suite. The old 3ft shower and one-person tub were holding it back. We tore out the old shower and moved walls to allow […]

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