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Nine Mile Condo

$70,000 - 80,000

Our customer had a 1200 sq. ft. basement that needed finishing in their new condo. With a large floor plan available, the rooms were sectioned off into a large tv/family room, craft room, bedroom, full bathroom, mechanical room, and several closets. New framing was added and all new electrical and plumbing. A large landing was created at the bottom of the stairs with angled doorways into each room. The TV room received extra insulation in the walls and ceiling for sound, and the craft room was well lit with seven fluorescent lights. In-wall electric heaters were added to each room so the entire basement would not need to be heated for the use of a single room. The bedroom was outfitted with a 10ft wide closet with shelving and closet rods. Six panel 36" wide doors were used throughout. The mechanical room was enclosed and a special custom cedar closet was constructed for the customer's fur coats. The bathroom was finished with a 5ft tub/shower unit and a comfort height toilet. A 24" wide linen tower sat next to the 57" long vanity. A sewage ejection pump was added in the mechanical room to facilitate the bathroom plumbing. A vinyl floor was laid in the bathroom, and carpet throughout the rest of the basement.

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