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"Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." Henry Ford and Mick Jagger were definitely on the same page. For several years black has been emerging as a popular color to add to different aspects of your remodel. Now we’re not saying to go out and paint all your walls black. Using it as an accent color, black plays well with most styles and themes. It is easy to mix with other finishes in the same space, either as a high contrast element with white tones, or a subtle addition to an earth-tone kitchen. All major manufacturers offer black faucets and are even starting to incorporate gold accents within the handles.

Black sinks are a great way to add a bold feature to a room that might not always be visible unless you are standing nearby. Matte black kitchen sinks pair well with white or light-colored quartz and granite countertops. Most people don’t ooh and aah over stainless or cast-iron sinks, but when they see a black sink, they can’t help but to point it out. All black tile or white tile with black designs can really set off a floor or a backsplash. This can add huge interest in a small bathroom or powder room.

To really make a statement, black granite or quartz countertops are as bold as it gets. Not only do they work with all styles, the black tops help to bring out the subtle colors of your cabinets and really make them pop. If you are thinking of going to the dark side, start out small with simple additions like black cabinet pulls. They can pair well with any color or metal you may already have in your space. Black can be used in a multitude of ways to convey many different themes from sleek elegance to rural rustic. The only decision left to make is how do you plan on incorporating black in your next project?

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